Best Guidance For iTools Download

The iTools download is a powerful file management tool for all your iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches. This is completely a freeware which doesn’t need to install on your computer. This is the best alternative you can use instead of the default file manager iTunes on your iTunes and unlike the iTunes, this iTools Download doesn’t have any plugins or ads in it. So anyone, who is interested in only an iOS file management tool, and not the marketing methods included one, the iTools download is the best fit for you.

iTools Download

If you’re an Apple device user, you’re familiar with iTunes, and you navigate iTunes whenever you want to download a new song or video. Likewise, iTools download also gives you the same functionality but, it more advanced in functionality and more informative than the iTunes. That’s why people choose iTools over iTunes. With this handy iTools download, you can manage all your iOS device data such as images, music, audio, video, ringtones, podcasts, documents, etc.

The latest version of iTools has now added more improvements and compatibility with the latest iOS 11. So anyone who has upgraded their iOS to iOS 11, iOS 11.0.x, iOS 11.1.x, iOS 11.2.x on any of the iPhone 5S or later version, all iPad versions or iPod 6th generation devices, you can get the latest iTools download version on your device.

Features of iTools download

The latest iTools download version has a wonderful tool called AirPlayer which allows you to mirror your device screen into the PC screen, so you can play video games, watch videos on a widescreen. Also, it can record the screen and stream photos, movies, and music.

If you have hundreds of app icons on your device screen, there is a solution to manage those icons with the iTools download. The iTools Icon Arranger lets you manage all the icons on your device screen and if you need you also have the ability to remove the unwanted ones.

Most of the iDevice users buy the newest iDevice in the market once it’s been released to the market. So whenever you switch your iDevice into a new one, you need to transfer the important files on your old device to new device, and for that people waste so much of time trying for different kinds of data migration tools, but as iTools download is an all in one solution for your device manager, it has a Data Migration tool that lets you quickly migrate your whole device data without putting much effort into it.

All the iPhone users are forced to use to default ringtone comes to the device but, not everyone like that. So iTools also has a solution for this with its Ringtone Maker. The iTools Ringtone Maker enables the way to set your favorite music as your ringtone. So now your ringtone could be a soundtrack, voice recording, mashup or anything.

The iTools Image Tool can transfer any of your image between your iDevice and Windows or Mac computer. It also has the ability to let you preview the images with its original resolution through the iTools image viewer.

The best part of having iTools download is its File Transfer tool. This allows you to transfer all your device data such as images, audios, videos, podcasts, documents, pdf, etc. between Windows or Mac PC and your iDevice. And when you do, you can use the drag and drop function and it will transfer your data without losing any of it.

Most of the iDevice users suffer from battery draining problems but, the iTools download has a great solution for that which is called the Battery Master. It lets you have a fully detailed report of the device battery which includes fully charged cycles, battery health, design capacity, actual capacity, boot voltage, current voltage, battery temperature, electric current, battery SN, and battery Mfr. So you can properly manage your device’s battery using all these records.

iTools lets you take complete backups of your device data and keep them in your iTools management storage. When you need to use the backed up data then you can restore them with the restore feature.

Developer Credits

The developer behind this stunning invention is ThinkSky. They developed this creation focusing the digital contents and applications of iOS devices and thanks to them we’re using such a useful iOS management tool today. The whole credit for developing this and all the reserving copyrights go to ThinkSky and we hope to hear about a new version soon.