Download Cydia iOS 11.2.2

You can now download Cydia iOS 11.2.2 on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. As the Apple Inc just released their latest iOS 11.2.2 on January 08, 2018, the first step is to upgrade your device to iOS 11.2.2, second, jailbreak iOS 11.2.2, and third, Download Cydia iOS 11.2.2 for your device. This time, Cydia has been updated with more features and new apps and tweaks than before to be compatible with the latest iOS 11.2.2.

Download Cydia iOS 11.2.2

Brief in iOS 11.2.2

This iOS update was released at an unexpected time as iUsers didn’t think Apple is going to release such a version. Apple was busy with releasing iOS 11.2.5 betas and didn’t mention a word about iOS 11.2.2. However, the iOS 11.2.2 is surprisingly coming to the public and it has been updated with security improvements to Safari and WebKit to minimize the effects of Spectre and has disabled the HomeKit. If you’re interested in upgrading your devices and your device is compatible enough to upgrade, just go to the system settings and update your iOS.

What is Cydia?

Cydia is an alternative third-party app store for the Apple app store. Cydia comes with hundreds of special apps, tweaks, extensions, and themes which you can install on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to enlarge the device performance. The fact is, Cydia is only compatible with jailbroken iDevices.

Each time Apple releases an iOS version, Cydia also releases a compatible Cydia version. Therefore, with the release of iOS 11.2.2, now you can Download Cydia iOS 11.2.2 which has more improved apps and tweaks with new features.

Compatible devices to download Cydia iOS 11.2.2

Compatibility is the main reason you must aware of before download Cydia iOS 11.2.2 as it will not be compatible with the older devices. So if you’re aware of the compatibility you can upgrade your device to iOS 11.2.2 and download Cydia on your device. For your easiness, here is the list of compatible devices.

  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 6 and 6 plus
  • iPhone 6s and 6s plus
  • iPhone 7 and 7 plus
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8 and 8 plus
  • iPad mini 2,3 and 4
  • iPad 5th Generation
  • iPad Air and iPad Air 2
  • 10.5 inch and 9.7 inch iPad Pro models
  • 9.7 inch and 12.9 inch iPad Pro models
  • 6th Generation iPod Touch

Truth about Jailbreak and download Cydia iOS 11.2.2

The whole truth about download Cydia iOS 11.2.2 is that there is no such a Cydia version yet as it is not officially jailbroken yet. However, there is few jailbreak version available in the demonstrated state but, none of them was able to come out to the public yet. The demoed jailbreak versions are included the jailbreak iOS 11 beta by the Keen lab, jailbreak iOS 11.1.1 by again the Keen lab, jailbreak iOS 11.1.2 by Panga, jailbreak iOS 11.2 and iOS 11.2.1 by Alibaba Pandora team.

So we clearly see that the iOS released versions up to now has already jailbroken. As Alibaba Pandora team showed a way to jailbreak iOS 11.2.x versions, we highly expect the same method will work to jailbreak iOS 11.2.2 and which leads to download iOS 11.2.2.

However, SaurikIT is currently analyzing and experimenting on iOS 11.2.2 to be aware of what exactly needs to this latest version. Therefore, soon there will be a Cydia version to support with iOS 11.2.2 iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches, and once it’s been released to the public you can download Cydia iOS 11.2.2 and get the most beneficial apps and tweaks to your device.